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Choosing oriental style nuru massage

Oriental massage is one that is well known and importantly trusted across the world and is a therapy that has been around for thousands of years. It is also something that you will find that in these countries the general public have a lot more faith and respect for the uses of it, than perhaps we do in the western world

Over recent years however things have started to change ad this is shown in many areas including how we perceive massage therapy and its uses. It has gained more prominence through various studies and it is now licensed to treat some ailments on the health service such as lower back pain for example.

Thai massage is one that has always been fairly popular in the UK, although now we are seeing more oriental forms making their way across the globe. One such example is the sensual nuru massage which actually comes from Japan.

It is something like many familiar with traditional massage have never seen before. It is a fully body to body massage and quite sensual in its nature. Added to this it uses a special gel called nuru gel which is completely different to a massage oil in its consistency and how it works. It is first of all very simple and straightforward to clean off being a gel and not oil and it also becomes the perfect lubricant and ideal for body to body services.

Nuru massage is great fun for people that like a bit of erotic massage and has become very popular whereas a different type of oriental massage like Thai for example is more about flexibility and some would say actually similar to yoga and so for people looking for something a lttle bit more sensual and of an oriental style nuru definitely offers the answer!

Finding Peace of Mind


One of the things that we all strive for in life is to find peace in our minds and to really learn how to switch off and relax. We all however have different ways that we achieve this and it really does depend on what really works for you personally as to which option that you may choose.

Undoubtedly one of the more popular methods of achieving this would be through meditation which has come to be very popular and widely used. This does need both concentration and will power in order to really make this work for you, but when it does then it surely is a great technique to completely empty one’s mind and completely de stress ones mind. People that are familiar with this technique are able to use this very effectively to calm down from stressful situations and to avoid things that may be stress provoking through taking a few minutes to zone out through meditation.

The there are others that prefer certain treatments as a way to relax and this can be anything from things like acupuncture through to massage therapy. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice and it involves using needles to stimulate and unblock the pathways of energy which is referred to as Qi to maintain a healthy body and mind. Some swear by this type of therapy although others are perhaps not so confident and this is mainly due to the lack of medical back up top this form of therapy.

One of the other popular methods would be through massage. This can be a regular massage, oriental massage or perhaps even erotic tantric massage which is also quite popular for such things. A sexy tantric massage also involves the person learning how to do various breathing techniques which can also be a great way to relax and something that is in fact normally not practiced in many other forms of massage therapy


Boosting Self Esteem

Whatever age you are in life, there are a great number of us that are in need of boosting our self-esteem, some more than others. This is a very important aspect of one’s personality and can have a dramatic impact on people’s lives. This is one of the reason that many people can be very proactive in such areas including going to people for help with this for example, including seeking the help of life coaches and other professionals that can help with building confidence and self esteem.

Some basic tips for improving self esteem which may help are things like:

1) Dont Compare – It is very easy and common for all of us to compare ourselves to friends and family and this can be very counter productive. This can actually make one feel quite down as they feel that they can never be as good as this person at this or that and in some cases it may not even be that the person in question is above you, it may just be the fact that in your perception that they are but possibly this is not the same way that others view this – and so the only person that should be competing against is yourself !

2) Exploration – You really should go through a process of self exploration in order to make progress with self esteem and this basically means. This involves knowing strengths and weaknesses as well as opening oneself up to new  opportunities and possibly starting to view some things differently.

3) Be Realistic – When we are setting different goals for ourselves we really should be realistic as to what we can achieve in a certain amount of time. This is why setting smaller more manageable goals is a much better idea that expecting to be the most confident, outgoing and balanced person in the world in the space of a few months for example!

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Building Confidence

A great video on how to buid, your confidecen and self -esteem

Some More Tips !

A great youtube video from Carlie Stylze on the topic of dating and how to get some success…

Some Useful sites for meeting people


For those that are looking to meet someone new, there really are lots of different options that can be used like a variety of different dating sites. It seems now that the traditional dating agencies seem to be less popular and now it seems that websites do seem to be the preferred way to meet people with more than 1400 in the UK alone. Some of the more popular sites are: – This is one of the most popular sites which has millions of members and has also led to more success stories than perhaps any other. – This dating site seems to take more of a scientific approach to the whole process and matches people on specific criteria – This website offers dating services, online webcams and lots of other stuff too!

Telepgraph – The is a dating site for over 40’s and is linked on to the newspaper website – currently has about 90,000 members

Relationship Ideas

communicationMost relationships involving partners do require some work in order to make a happy and balanced relationship and this really does require both to really communicate effectively and to understand each other. This includes being aware of both strong and weak points of your partner and dealing with this in the right way.

Some of the most important things in a relationship are:

Communication – By communicating effectively with each other, which means listening to your partner and trying to see their point of view can really help to maintain a good relationship. Couples that fail in this area are generally destined for destruction in most cases.

Quarelling – there is a way to do this and a way not to do it! Couples that can get their point of view across in a calm and controlled manner generally work things out a lot quicker and easier then those that fly off the handle and shout at each other until they are blue in the face.

Spice – Sex is an important part of any relationship and in order to keep this going at a normal level generally does require a bit of creativity. This might include things like some sexy lingerie for example, a romantic meal or perhaps something like sexy tantric massage between couples, which has really shown to be very effective in terms of building closeness between couples and subsequently getting a lot of relationships back on the right path. For those not so adventurous even a basic body to body or sensual massage can also work equally well.

Teamwork – it has been shown over the years that those that have similar hobbies and interests generally work better together and this can really help to cement and bond a relationship between two people.


Single in London?

marriageissuesGenerally all of us at some point will go through a period where we are single and lonely living in the capital. Whether this is due to the break up of a marriage or a relationship or perhaps just a long period of being single and this is generally a time when we really do think about ways of meeting members of the opposite sex.

Most guys these days with the chaotic working schedules that most have, now use things like internet dating as their method to meet someone to start a new relationship of maybe just a bit of fun. Some even use it just to meet friends and it can be quite a good way to meet people in general.

Other options include going out to local bars and clubs to meet people, although this doesn’t really suit a lot of people and in particular people that don’t really drink for example. For those that are more after casual sexual liaisons then it can even be a case of visiting the local tantric massage parlour for example, or perhaps even to enjoy the company of sexy London escorts for example. This of course is not for everyone and most people that go this route are generally guys that really do have deep pockets as it is most certainly not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

Generally speaking talking to a lot of Londoners it does seem to be getting a lot more difficult to meet members of the opposite sex in general and the majority of people that you speak to these days does in fact tend to be going the internet dating route, which now has become not only social acceptable but also quite the norm! With the amount of different dating sites that are around these days it probably does sound the best option to be fair and with the price of drinks in London these days it probably is the most economical of choices as well.